Professionals and inhabitants working together to reactivate common spaces

Outros Bairros

Outros Bairros is an urban regeneration initiative for the Alto de Bomba, Covada de Bruxa and Fernando Po districts, in Cape Verde, whose objective is the rehabilitation of precarious settlements, through a system of interventions to be carried out in the public spaces, with the direct involvement of the local population. The intervention on Alto de Bomba consists of a series of punctual actions, able to recompose into a coherent overall system, despite the simplicity and essentiality of the architectural choices undertaken.
Feature of the program was its double significance as an instrument for the material transformation of spaces and for approaching and educating the community of residents about their use: the strategy materialized on the one hand with a physical action, through the reorganization of the existing infrastructures, the redesign of urban surfaces, the creation of small services and collective equipment, on the other through meetings and thematic workshops aimed at strengthening the positive perception of new public spaces that were taking shape by the local inhabitants.

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