A meeting and memory place returned to the city community

PBeB Architetti - MBA And P

The project area comprises the Rotondi College wall and a business building curtain in the North, the crossing with via Roma in the East and the addition of via San Maurizio in the West.
Like in a theater, the realization of the podium allows the fruition of the square at various heights, highlighting the break between the vehicular and pedestrian areas and creating diversified use scenarios for its users. Furthermore, the podium was realized by following the natural slope of the place, generating a versatile usable space safe for pedestrians and cyclists. The triangular area obtained from the Rotondi College and added to the square is re-interpreted as a multi-functional lot; adjacently, a linear water tank was installed for children’s play, together with a drinking fountain. Basic needs are overlapped in a single articulated element, representing an attractive square pole. The plastered concrete wall enclosing the gym of the College serves as a theatrical curtain and is turned into a foundational element of the new project.

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