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Bagnoregio is a municipality in the province of Viterbo, lying among the hills between the lake of Bolsena and the Tiberis valley. The hamlet was founded in the Etruscan age in the fraction of Civita and rises on the ridge of an elevation of the “valle dei calanchi” whose asperity marks the landscape and the history of the territory, developing on the sides of Corso Mazzini, on the ridge of the hill, on a winding road, rich in small intimate squares and lateral lookouts over the landscape. Piazza Alcide de Gasperi is located on Corso, opening toward the South and connected to a panoramic terrace. Since 2015, the Roman firm MiR_architettura has been involved in the redesign of this pedestrian area: the square and the terrace differed in height by around 3 meters and this was compensated through a staircase, leaving them as two disconnected spaces. The project respects the morphological characteristics of the historical fabric: the intervention defines six platforms, separated by drops between 45 and 90 cm decreasing from the square to the terrace, which connected them into a single space.

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