A collective space that restores image and meaning of historic buildings

Circlelab architettura - Federico Signorelli, Leila Signorelli CLAB architettura

Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia in Peschiera del Garda has progressively lost its importance due to urban transformations and historical events. The layout of the area derives from several superimpositions. Collective buildings from different historical periods overlook it. The designers have tackled the challenge of integrating historical buildings in a large area and valorizing the presence and memory of water, reconnecting the past with the future in connection with the fabric of the historical center. The square’s new layout recalls the dock’s original form, connected with the area corresponding to the current public space with an irregular and arched shape. The dividing line between the functional areas of the square corresponds to the “wall” of the former dock. The break between the pedestrian and the vehicular spaces is configured using different materials for the paving. A curvilinear threshold in trachyte stones represents the distinctive element at the same height as the pedestrian area, which turns into a seat along its development.

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