A new system of urban relations starting from history traces

EFA Studio di architettura

The area of piazza della Pace was part of the Farnese Ducal Complex hosting Bourbon representative buildings, damaged by a 1944 bombing and demolished after the war. It is overlooked by a front of palazzo della Pilotta, the current headquarters of Farnese theather and National Gallery. It hosts the monument to the Partisan, inaugurated in 1956, and the central area of the Verdi monument, completed in 1920 and moved here in 1949. After being used as a car parking, in 1996-2001, piazza della Pace was redeveloped on a project by Mario Botta. It was then transformed into a green area, with a water tank and trees marking the traces of San Peter Martyr’s church, demolished in 1813. This complex story is the background for EFA’s project, which includes the traces of the history of the place and is in ideal direct continuity with the key character of the square in Italian culture, intended as a place for citizens’ meeting and relationships, as a space of connection and rest.

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