A new and lively place generates a wise combination of pre-existing and contemporary forms


V-Plaza, a new urban living room designed by the 3Deluxe studio in Kaunas, Latvia, completed in 2020, has transformed the historical main square Vienybes into a new, luminous public space. In 2016, the German studio was designated to redevelop the square and its Eastern background by refurbishing some existing buildings and realizing three new volumes. Before the intervention, the square was a large unused urban void without an identity, a crossing space that could not generate meeting opportunities. The main design challenge was to create an original, attractive and lively space while preserving architectural, historical and cultural heritage. The design concept has given birth to an organic structure. At the same time, the general layout is based on alternating rest stops and crossing spots, silent areas and lively environments, and diversifying meeting activities and spaces.

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