An intervention of urban regeneration starting from the enhancement of open spaces

Botticini+Facchinelli ARW

“A common place in Darfo Boario Terme” is a project by Camillo Botticini and the architectural research workshop ARW, completed in June 2022 and located in the Municipality of Darfo Boario Terme, a highly relevant tourist and thermal center of Low Valle Camonica. The redevelopment project starts from the idea of giving back to citizens a livable public space, where new urban quality is conjugated with the need for higher usability of a crucial connective hub. Before the intervention, the square was used as a parking for the station in front of it. For the redevelopment of the square, the project has adopted the strategy of relocating the various elements of mobility to make the space more usable, accessible and welcoming. The new spatial organization separates the access roads and the transit and stop spaces of the pedestrians, buses and cars involving the station. The generative element of the space is the large central pedestrian platform, in front of the station’s exit.

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