Playing as opportunity to revitalize an urban void

Piraccini+Potente Architettura

The project moves from the need to redevelop a public space in Cesena in the Case Finali neighborhood, between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the supermarket. Like in Aldo Van Eyck’s playgrounds in Amsterdam, the chance of play is grasped to give a new life to empty spaces. In Cesena the play allowed the birth of a hamlet amidst the residential district. The architects have designed a system of white-painted steel tubular structures, which recall the archetypal of the hamlet and define a livable area in the void. The form of the village is recalled by the shape of the houses, grouped to form a new urban space. These metal structures are placed on the existing plaza with a new colored material carpet. The pre-existing horseshoe-shaped seats have been incorporated and transformed without losing their utility. The new seats no longer contain space but are placed in the middle of the void as simple “inhabited” concrete bases.

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