Light Palace

EXIT architetti associati

The search for the right fit appears to be the precondition behind the EXiT studio’s restoration and reconversion project of a 16th century palace in Treviso, which was abandoned to decay in the last years. That right fit has been expressed in a deep and intrinsic coherency of the chosen design actions, both concerning the restoration of the façades and their decorative frescos – a precious, yet damaged, testimony to Treviso urbs picta, which is also displayed by other elements along Via San Nicolò, the street overlooked by this building – and concerning the re-functionalization of the indoor spaces, which have gone through several transformations over time, due to the frequent changes in the in-use destination over the history of the palace. The interventions on the fronts are deeply essential and are based on the “subtraction” of incongruous elements. This has been pursued in the restoration of the plasters and – even more – of the frescos on the arches of the porch and the discovered Roman finds. The re-functionalization of indoor spaces was defined according to the specific know-how of the client, characterized by prestigious skills in the development of new entrepreneurial models. This led to turning the palace into an innovative coworking space.

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