Reuse of the Aragon Tower in the Cathedral of Sora

Renato Morganti MCM

The restoration intervention of the Aragon tower is part of the wider intervention program by MCM studio on the episcopal complex in Sora, which continues personal and consolidated design research on the theme of the relationship between ancient and new. The recent history of the citadel follows its various restoration interventions; the last ones included the arrangement of the outdoor spaces and the realization of an archaeological route. The tower has been designated to provide inclusivity to the fruition of the episcopal complex, through the realization of a lift, while the different heights inside the tower and in the surrounding buildings are connected through an elegant system of walkways. The problem of accessibility is turned into the design basis for the construction of a narrative dimension in the route: from the outside to the inside, the various spaces form a spatial sequence with different illumination levels. The project produces a dialectical dialogue between the two temporal opposites of past and present, organizing parts, elements and fragments through the registers of analogy and contrast, modulating them according to the different conditions of the existing artifacts.

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