Federico Fellini International Museum

Orazio Carpenzano

The idea of a museum which could expand itself into the city, as a living space that is experienced through an exchange between actor and director, takes shape with the winning project of the competition for the Federico Fellini International Museum, organized by the municipality of Rimini. The complex architectural work has been designed by Orazio Carpenzano, who led a heterogeneous team with Gruppo Lumiere and Studio Azzurro. The project includes several city spaces – Sismondo Castel, Piazza Malatesta, Piazzetta San Martino and Cinema Fulgor (Valloni Palace) – and, through some restoration actions, it transforms and defines a path which put the historical places at stake, by mean of an exhibition system and multimedia contents. The work of the moviemaker leaves the traditional museum space and occupies the Fellinian urban space. At the end of the visit of the Museum, it is possible to appreciate how the ambition of the project, to create a social involvement of the visitors with the historical sites of the city, comes out through the creation of new places for meetings and for interactive laboratories. In this scenario the work of Federico Fellini can belong to a present that is already future.

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