Restoration and Re-functionalization of the Procuratie Vecchie

David Chipperfield Architects Milan

Procuratie Vecchie are the Northern part of the 150 m-long complex of building bodies realized starting from the 16th century, overlooking Piazza San Marco at the South and Bacino Orseolo (West end) and Rio del Cavalletto or delle Procuratie at the North. This project is the result of the design competition organized by Generali Group between late 2016 and early 2017, won by David Chipperfield Architects and their consultants, with Arup being designated with the engineering design of the intervention. The project was aimed at the valorization of the functionality of the palace and the spaces destinated for offices, converting the spaces of the third floor into an exhibit, to be used by the foundation “The Human Safety Net. Chipperfield’s project produced a variation and integration with other previously designed, ongoing interventions, which included the restoration of the building and some interventions on the structure and the systems for the refunctionalization of the building.

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