Restoration and new Set-Up of the MArTA of Taranto

Augusto Ressa

Before the refurbishment and setting-up intervention, the complex hosted the offices of the Archaeological Superintendence of Apulia region, the Museum and the deposits of archaeological material. After the Archaeological Superintendence left and moved to the former convent of St. Domenico in the Old City of Taranto and the deposits were removed, through the new project the old building has recovered wide spaces, to be destinated to the exhibition and complimentary activities, related to administration and reception. Concerning architectural features, the main goal of the project was to enhance exhibition areas, by optimizing the available space. For this purpose, the partition walls and the volumes that fragmented the three floors of the Museum-Superintendence were removed and a new building body was realized on part of the courtyard of the so-called Ceschi wing. The new volume serves as a joint between the pre-existing building bodies and defines three distribution halls, one on each floor, which also host the landing points of the elevators, connected by a new staircase in an independent volume within the courtyard.

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