Massimo Zammerini

Can we think of realizing dwellings prearranged to changes in their internal distribution, aimed at fulfilling daily needs and performing long-term transformations, without cyclically having to demolish parts of the partition walls? This question has originated the idea of the sustainable multifunctional house, which implies relevant consequences also concerning environmental protection. Albeit 2019 ISPRA data report that 78% of demolition materials are recycled, it is well-known that these data do not include the “underground”, and that the costs of the recycling chain are very high. This led to the idea of elaborating studies of “multifunctional houses” for new constructions of single-family and multifamily houses, and a “frame” system to be adapted to the indoors of the existing constructions, hence launching the challenge of truly sustainable design, starting from an elementary datum: the elimination of a consistent part of building demolition waste, which includes, in addition to mineral materials (flakes), timber and iron, also polluting materials such as insulation, paints and plastic.

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