Public Housing in via Bembo, Rome

Tstudio - G. Salimei

The project for the new building in the Primavalle district in Rome is part of a program of district contracts aimed at the redevelopment of the whole urban area. The area was on the list of the so-called “building core” suburbs and is located in the valley area with the moat of Primavalle, its main axis. The intervention is for the construction of a Public Housing building for twenty-two housing units in Via Pietro Bembo, where around 10 years ago a pre-existing building was demolished. The new building has been conceived with a strong focus on fruitive and perceptive experimentation, with a strong sustainable character from the point of view of both energy performance and identity. In the attempt to expand the space of the housing units the main goal of the project is to encourage flexible use of the living rooms and foster higher availability of external spaces, such as lodges and balconies.

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