Experimental Housing and Urban Transformation

How and where should we live together, reducing the environmental and economic impact, preserving the principles of sociality, and sharing, at the base of our tendency to aggregate and build societies? These are recurring questions for the discipline of architecture, which reappear especially in presence of emergencies and changes, like the ones that have triggered debates in the last two years. Starting from the observation of contemporary architectural creations in the main European cities and beyond, this magazine has aimed to understand whether the ongoing social transformations are matched by suitable housing models and settlement principles and whether there is an ongoing experimentation on how to live better in cities. The result is an articulate framework, which presents themes, observations and important challenges to rethink urban quality, social interactions, and the environment starting from the house, as the constitutive part of the urban form, which reports the mark of ideas, culture, habits and aspirations of a community. Multifunctionality and mixitè are compounded by the themes of flexibility and transformability of the housing space, which have already been widely explored in the ’60s and ‘70s on the base of previous Rationalist research, and now require new design interpretations.

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