The New Bridge in Gonnesa

An Innovative Mixed Technology Infrastructure in Prestressed Reinforced Concrete

Secured Solutions srl - Fausto Mistretta

On April 2nd, 2020, the prestressed concrete bridge connecting Provincial Road 83 with the Fontanamare beach in the Municipality of Gonnesa collapsed. The collapse led to a deep reflection on the solutions to guarantee the durability of works considered “minor,” which yet have strategic importance. The project’s goal was to realize a work whose service life could exceed 100 years, minimizing maintenance interventions over time without significant increases in construction costs and limited construction time. The project outlines the first European bridge with a mixed technology for prestressed reinforced concrete. The latter’s advantages are combined with those of glass fiber bars (GFRP – Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) placed in the cortical layer. They are inert toward corrosion and hence their durability is potentially infinite.

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