Centro Direzionale and Chiaia Stations of the Naples Metro

Not Mere Transport Infrastructures but also Opportunities for Redeveloping Different Places In the City

Benedetta Tagliabue - EMBT Architects / Uberto Siola

The stations of the Naples Metro are not mere urban infrastructures or civil and transportation engineering works; instead, each represents a unique encounter between a great protagonist of contemporaneity and a great living artist. Altogether, they are the “Art Metro.” Naples’s good governance and social, economic, cultural, touristic and sports revival have generated this virtuous process. The subway is not intended as a mere transport function but rather as a sequence of places of new urbanism, where the different parts of the city are exalted, valorized and promoted. Fastly moving from the outskirts to the city’s heart also means reducing social, economic and cultural inequalities, allowing everyone to experience and enjoy the services offered in the city center.

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