Taichung Green Corridor

A Multi-scale Infrastructure, Extensible and Implementable Over Time


The intervention by the Dutch studio Mecanoo involves the Central District of the Special Municipality of Taichung, located along the West Coast of Taiwan, considered one of the main accesses to the internal part of the island and an important industrial and economic center. Until 2016, it was part of the urban railway network, then underwent a dismission process and was replaced by a new track. Mecanoo was designated for intervening on a stretch of the dismissed network, aiming at its regeneration by realizing a linear equipped park with gardens, areas for sports and fitness, and rest and refreshment areas. The program also included the prevalence of natural elements and the valorization of the characteristics of the context, increasing its biodiversity. The new linear park reaches the borders of the land plot through a system of pedestrian and cycling routes and spaces for various uses/functions. At the same time, it is part of the whole system of urban connections, presenting a clear relationship with the community of the neighborhood and the whole city.

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