Ponte del Papa in Genoa

An Example of Efficiency, Accessibility and Sustainability

F&M Ingegneria spa

The new Ponte del Papa is the main construction project of the Extraordinary Program aimed at improving the accessibility of the Port of Genoa, integrating the city with the port, and creating connections with the Cristoforo Colombo airport. The bridge is located near the outlet of the Polcevera torrent, with an 85-meter-wide riverbed between the right and left riverbanks and is designed to allow crossing the Polcevera torrent with full usability of at-grade and high-altitude mobility and a functional and stable connection between the two riverbanks. It has two deck heights: one for at-grade mobility and the other for highaltitude mobility. This design solution guarantees a connection between West and South port accesses, creating two more access routes to the port area, thus being strategic for the extraordinary enhancement program of the Genoa port.

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