Bicycle Parking and Redesign of Amsterdam Central Station

A Strategic Urban Node between Land and Water

Benthem Crouwel Architects / VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism

IJboulevard is the new underground bicycle parking in the center of Amsterdam, located on the North side of Amsterdam’s central railway station. IJboulevard has produced a new public urban space, a continuous panoramic pedestrian road on the river, freeing the space at the street level and moving the bicycle parking underground. Benthem Crouwel Architects’ project for the Amsterdam station is part of a wider regulatory plan, of which IJboulevard is an integral part. It involves the second busiest railway station in the Netherlands, which is now a vertically layered structure, binding together projects with various impacts, duration and scales. They range from complex general planning to an underground subway station until the restoration of the Cuypers monumental building, converted into an access hall to trains, subway and travel services.

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