Construction models realized with raw earth 3d printing

Mario Cucinella Architects & WASP

TECLA is Mario Cucinella Architects’ and Massimo Moretti’s – the founder of WASP – answer to the need for constructing buildings within everyone’s reach, showing a new form of relationship with the environment. A building to be realized by means of the intersection of earth and modern construction techniques based on 3D printing. Crane WASP is the first multi-level modular 3D printer to be applied to construction. In the case of TECLA, it consists of two arms, programmed to avoid mutual interferences; thanks to a majestic software system, they allow printing a housing unit in a short time, with limited energy and raw material consumption. Cucinella and his School Of Sustainability have designed a modulus of about 50 sqm, defined by two deformed domes, which serve at the same time for structural purposes and as external envelopes. This construction technology has been used both for the construction of housing units and for other in-use destinations. An example of this is represented by the commercial modules, designed by WASP in collaboration with Maison Dior, which are located on the beach of Dubai.

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