A model shaped around environmental sustainability and social responsibility

ACC Naturale Architettura, Negozio Blu Architetti

Green Pea is the final piece of the regeneration process of the former industrial area of Carpano, in the South of Turin, and a valid example of nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building) design criteria: indeed, it represents the first example of a “green” business hub in the world, where respect for nature was designed and realized and keeps being implemented in it. The elevation of the Green Pea represents an extension of the adjacent building, despite its totally different architectural language, whose sustainable nature is declared by all – or almost all – the components of the façade. The layout of the envelope is characterized by natural, eco-compatible and recyclable materials, vegetation and renewable systems, providing it with an inclination to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.The costruction site organized by vertical sectors – from the bottom to the top – has also allowed the optimization of construction times.

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