Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

The Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco is a node in the city’s public transit network that injects two distinct levels of activities and functions into the urban fabric. On the one hand it is a multimodal station that activates relations at the territorial scale; on the other hand, it is a space of public life linked to a social dimension and the local scale of the neighbourhood and the city. This layered building, with a uniform depth and a varying internal rhythm of floor plates, hosts various transport-related functions; an inhabitable roof garden, suspended in the midst of neighbouring towers and extending over two hectares, provides a backdrop for everyday activities and entertainment. The programme of functions includes a bus terminal occupying the levels between the street and the third level, shops and offices on the second level, a large entry atrium at ground floor and an underground railway station scheduled to be fully operational by 2025. The roof terrace is accessible from the street via vertical connections, while communications with the Salesforce Tower are managed by a large raised connector that links the roof garden and skyscraper into a single system.

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