Scenic Architecture Office / Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

The Huangpu Waterfront Revitalisation Masterplan, one of the most significant in recent years, aims to create a continuous and pedestrian linear public space for five thematic portions of the waterfront of Huangpu River. Among the twelve bridges that are part of the project, the bicycle-pedestrian bridge above Taitong Ferry Station, designed by Scenic Architecture Office, introduces a crossing suspended above a linear park. Its sinuous lines wind between the surrounding buildings to define an experience of interaction between the scenario of the river and the views of the urban landscape. The path features level changes to provide access to the water’s edge and the ferry station. Continuing north, the Minsheng Wharf Waterfront, designed by Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects, is the most recent project for the revitalisation of the eastern edge. Once again, a bridge provides access to a linear park crossed by a suspended bicycle-pedestrian path.

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