Renzo Piano

The new bridge across the Polcevera River is a fundamental road and transport connection in Genoa, Liguria and all of Italy. Following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge on 14 august 2018, the rapid construction of the new bridge wishes to become a model for the renewal and modernisation of Italy’s infrastructures, with an elevated social, economic and strategic value. The new viaduct, which crosses the anthropized environment of the Polcevera Valley, assumes the character of an “urban bridge”. This condition led to a design that is not only attentive toward the infrastructure itself, but also to its strong relations with its setting. The bridge is supported on eighteen 4,00 x 9,50 metre elliptical concrete piers spaced at a regular distance of 50 metres, with the exception of the central three bays, bridging the Polcevera and the rail corridor with a span of 100 metres. In terms of its structural design and earthquake resistance, the deck is “isolated” from the piles by special supports that allow the bridge to “breathe” without in any way affecting its stability and resistance. The viaduct has a curved section with a total height of 4,80 metres at its centre line, made from a mixed steel and concrete structure.

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