Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

The project for the new Ostend railway station is much more than a simple architectural project: it was a fundamental piece of the wider requalification of the waterfront of Ostend that links the reorganisation of the urban fabric with the creation of an intermodal hub. The fundamental points of this ambitious requalification programme focused on: repositioning parking for vehicles and bicycles; providing new terminals for trams and buses; restructuring and expanding the railway station; creating a large new canopy; liberating the waterfront of buildings that impeded the direct use of a reimagined version of the plaza in front of the station. The project by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes has produced a radical renewal of the area thanks to the demolition of the various buildings erected over time to support the station. In addition, the project introduced a large unifying canopy in colourful polycarbonate beside the historical station building. On one side it covers the area of the rail tracks and trams stops, while on the other side it defines a large covered plaza that allows the circulation of pedestrians and a visual and physical reconnection between the city and the water.

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