Zuidpolder Landscape Park

A contribution to the spatial and environmental quality of a vast peri-urban territory


The Rotterdam region is very densely populated with 2.500 to 3.000 residents per square kilometer. It is a challenge to provide these densely populated areas with clean water, to offer sufficient recreational opportunities and to safeguard biodiversity. And this challenge is only getting bigger: the urban area in the Rotterdam agglomeration will continue to grow in the near future. One of the cities in this region is Barendrecht (almost 50,000 inhabitants). To improve water quality in the urban area, as well as the recreational and ecological value of the water systems, Arcadis worked with the municipality to redesign the so called “Zuidpolder Barendrecht”. Around 110 hectares of agricultural land between Barendrecht and the Oude Maas River have therefore been transformed to create a contemporary landscape park with (clean) water storage.

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