Kokkedal Climate Adaptation Plan

A catalogue of models and solutions for defense of cities from the effects of floods


Climate Adaption Kokkedal is a largescale urban project. The 69-ha area in North-Seeland borders Usserød River and consequently suffered severe flooding in recent years. The area encompasses a school, a daycare, a nursing-home, an undeveloped floodplain area, many apartment buildings including two large, subsidized housingcomplexes. The project-purpose was twofold: to store floodwater and increase surface delay of rainwater, while improving urban life. The distinctive aspect of the project is inherent in the concept “play and stay,” meaning the infrastructure doubles as recreational resource and mechanism to delay stormwater as it drains to the river. The major type of technology employed are dry detention basins which slow discharge to the river, but these basins take multiple forms including play surfaces, gardens and recreational fields.

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