Miaojing River Public Linear Park

An ecological backbone to enhance local connectivity and urban resilence1

PLAT Studio

Kunshan City, 20 km northwest of Shanghai, is a historically rich watertown. 8,000 hectares of the city are covered by water due to extensive canals, driving its transition from irrigated farming to a 70% GDP contribution from innovative industries. Kunshan West, between Kuilei Lake and the old city center, is expanding. A North-South axis links open spaces including a retail center at Central Lake, Forest Park, and southern sports and commerce centers. The Yangcheng Lake East Ecological Corridor connects Kuilei Lake Reservoir to the old town, running along Forest Park’s north. The Miaojing River Central Water Corridor, part of this ecological connection, served as an aqueduct, providing water to most of Kunshan’s population. After a piping system replaced the aqueduct, Miaojing River could become a public open space.

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