The Park of Peace in Vicenza

A landscape system built with water to talk about nature and contrast climate change

PAN Associati

The Park of Peace is an “ecological machine” born from the reconversion of Dal Molin former airport. The project involves an overall surface of 650,000 square meters, slightly more than half of the former airport. This urban and landscape transformation intervention aims to turn the park into an attractive hub for the whole territory. In addition to attempting to reconquer nature, the intervention aims to create a new core of Vicenza’s green system, connecting the historical city, the adjacent towns and the wider territorial area. The park stands as a new-generation public space: on the one hand, it is designed as a place for the evolution of natural processes, where water and vegetation are the protagonists; on the other hand, it is conceived as a theater for open-air activities, conviviality, sports and center for cultural activities and events. The main goal of the new Park of Peace is to become a paradigm for future parks. Here, the landscape architect’s strategic and programmatic mark fuses with a rigorous engineering approach, with natural and semi-natural areas and a strong water presence.

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