River City Randers and Storkeengen Regeneration Project

A landscape system along the river that integrates climate solutions, nature protection and urban expansion

C.F. Møller Architects

Like many other towns in Denmark, Randers is threatened by the effects of climate change. Here, the challenge lies in the town’s low-lying position in relation to the Gudenå River and the fjord, which requires climate adjustment measures that can protect the town from the effects of future climate change. This is the basis for the town’s overall vision of “the City to the Water” and the development plan “Our River City” advanced by C.F. Møller Landscape in a design competition held in 2019. The winning proposal by C.F. Møller adapts the future of Randers to the environment, connects the city with the water and develops the attractive areas between the medieval city centre, the river Gudenå and Randers Fjord intoa unique city borne of the river. The overall backbone of the project is the “Climate Ribbon”, a four-kilometre, long-term storm surge protection system that is integrated in different ways into the different urban neighbourhoods.

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