Tredje Natur, Cowi, Platant

Enghaveparken-Climate Park is currently the largest climate-related project in the city of Copenhagen. With its reservoir designed to hold 22,600 m3 of water, the project aspires to confront almost any water emergency the city may face. The concept implemented by the office is as effective as it is respectful of the original project, whose principal components were not drastically transformed. The original physical limit of the site, a large hedge wrapping it on all sides, was left unaltered; this indicates the desire of this space of representing an exceptional condition within the urban fabric of this Danish city: a space where to feel sheltered from the surrounding world. In addition to the large hedge, the project also safeguarded the “structure of rooms” of the park itself, whose rhythm is defined by a series of functional spaces characterised by the presence of different species and vegetation. The Climate Park is a successful example of bioclimatic transformation in such a particularly defined context as the historical city of Copenhagen.

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