Landprocess, N7A Architects, Arsomsilp Institute of the Art

Using green roofs, permeable soils, urban agriculture and forestry, sustainable construction materials and processes, effective stormwater management and recycling solutions, the works of Landprocess attempt to support urban realities in the passage toward a zero carbon future and provide places and communities with tools for confronting uncertain climatic conditions. Chulalongkorn University Centernary Park represents for Bangkok the first new project of this type in thirty years. In the vision of the architects, this park was not to be exclusively a space of leisure, but also play a role in the management of the abundant rainfall it receives. The theme of the intelligent management of water resources and the need to coexist with violent meteorological events is combined in the Thammasat Urban Rooftop Farm with the scarcity of water and food, devastating consequences of the climate crisis. Emphasising a century-long local vocation, Thammasat University, supported by Landprocess, successfully combined agricultural traditions with a contemporary work of architecture and state-of-the-art technologies.

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