Pragmatism as a Method

Enrico Molteni Architecture

This automated warehouse is located in an industrial area along the state road SS36 linking Milan with the town of Lecco and the Valtellina. The building was positioned to the side of an existing structure as an autonomous element that would define a new image for the company. The design is an expression of the logics of manufacturing, industry and economy to which it was asked to respond. The superfluous was avoided in every choice and the project was thus limited to controlling the scale and external envelope, elevated to its raison d’être. The impact of the building along the state road was studied by exploiting the qualities of translucid polycarbonate, which reflects light and takes on different colours in relation to atmospheric conditions. However, it is certainly at night that the building best expresses itself, when it becomes a screen broadcasting the lights and shadows of its design.

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