An Ethereal Volume as New Urban Icon

Alvisi Kirimoto con Studio Harcome

The project is the result of a choral creative process, which saw Alvisi Kirimoto collaborate with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the local community to create a unique project. The idea that guided the design was to create a volume that amazed not only up close, but also from afar. The impalpable skin is inspired by the material of the clouds and gives a broad look towards the sky from the inside. The auditorium, on the other hand, is a perfect box working energetically as a music laboratory.
The building, which is spread over two levels for a total of 600 square metres, stands out for its ethereal skin in white sheet metal panels with perforations of varying size. Inspired by the rarefaction and dynamism of clouds, the inclined volume, lying on the slope of the ground and on a glass curtain marked by grey pillars, dissolves into the context.

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