A new Intervention Dialoguing With the Context

Sonia Calzoni

This project is a response to the request of the insertion of a new apartment building on an open lot in a very well-known and recognised middle class part of Milan.
The result is a building that demonstrates a particular attention toward its context, which inspired its perimeter, heights, colours and ratio between solids and voids. Spanning between two important streets, the project develops a volume capable of dialoguing with both; the result is an L-shaped building, whose two internal fronts open onto a garden of geometrical parterres. The two façades of the five-storey building are treated differently: more urban along the public sides, toward which the building presents itself as a stereometric white volume whose rhythm is defined by its openings. The building features a continuous, mono-material base, independent from the upper volume: setback to mark the entrance, it becomes transparent toward the interior and more opaque where it contains accessory and service spaces.

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