The Restoration of an Histrorical Building for a Music Campus of Excellence

Lamberto Rossi Associati /L. Rossi e M. Tarabella

The Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona was instituted in 1970 by the Swiss industrialist Walter Stauffer to foster teachings of classical lutherie, stringed instruments and musicology. This cultural approach is the backdrop to the acquisition and restoration of Palazzo Stradiotti as the home of the Stauffer Center for Strings, the first international music centre entirely dedicated to stringed instruments. Palazzo Stradiotti is a highly layered building. Its current configuration is the result of a profound neoclassical reform that expanded and unified a number of existing buildings, as well as its “secret” garden. The extreme variety of materials, construction, scales and acoustic properties of the different rooms required an integrated design of each single space. The result is a multifunctional structure that is flexible, highly technological and designed to guarantee the maximum level of sustainability in terms of energy savings, limited emissions, ecological compatibility of materials and environmental comfort.

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