A sacred place as a signal in the territory

Paolo Belloni-PBEB Architetti

This new complex is located in the heart of the urban fabric close to the city of Bergamo, where the hills give way to broad agricultural fields. The entire complex is built in exposed reinforced concrete, opportunely textured in the same colour as the local fields dried by the sun. A characterising element of the exterior of the church is the elevation of the south façade that takes the form of a sloping volume; it combines the necessity to introduce a sign that identifies its presence within the territory and the desire to work with a prevalently horizontal project, renouncing to the presence of a bell tower. A large west-oriented eye introduces a symbolic projection toward the sky and draws in an abundant quantity of highly concentrated light. A notable expressive strength is attributed to the illumination of the ceiling through openings of various sizes. This constellation defines a particularly suggestive interior space.

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