The rebirth of a small ruin on the hills of Cilento


VPavilion is a one-storey renovation of an existing hillside house in the Cilento region.
The house’s suggestive surroundings exist in a direct dialogue with the landscape of hills and olive groves and views of the Mediterranean in the distance. The architects’ greatest challenge involved combining the various parts of the existing construction in the most economical manner, given the very limited budget available. The entire project was conceived based on an artisanal approach of slow times and the sedimentation of materials, matched to the site and realised by a small local company. The first action involved connecting the two volumes by introducing a new corridor. This offshoot terminates with a corner window offering to the inhabitants a privileged observation of the beautiful panorama. Together with the creation of a connection between inside and outside, it was also necessary to wrap the exterior in a new layer of insulation; this problem was corrected by creating an applied colonnade of orange PVC piping to create a protective pocket of air that, by increasing the thickness of the walls, increases thermal inertia.

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