The transformation of a former industrial area into a complex with low environmental impact

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

The new Fastweb office building in Milan, located next to the Fondazione Prada, is the first construction of the vast master plan Symbiosis, conceived to transform a brownfield site into a centre of attraction with a low environmental impact.
The quality of the buildings planned for the area will be expressed through their relationship with the ground: semi-public ground floor spaces will be designed and fit-out to support new forms of use, to generate a relationship of continuity between public space and building. The vast reflective glass façade of the Fastweb building multiplies the silhouette of the Fondazione Prada tower and expands the view of the urban setting to increase interior comfort. The new building and square are delimited by three water features connected by a sequence of infinity edge pools that follow the natural slope of the site.

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