Parma Social House

An Example of Subsidized Building to respond to the Demand for Low-cost Housing

Giandebiaggi & Mora, S. Salvadego Molin Ugoni, G. Di Gregorio, G. Cazzulani, S. Malvenuti, D. Costi, S. Melli, Studio Aus, D. Pezzali, I. Tagliavini

The Parma Social House project took moves from the encounter between two entrepreneurial cultures – the realms of construction companies and cooperatives of inhabitants – deciding to collaborate in drafting an innovative project proposal for a public call by the Municipality of Parma for the realization of social housing in municipal areas by granting building rights. The Call of the Municipality of Parma involved an initial section of 7 areas on which building rights were granted to realize 852 dwellings, to be rented or sold at controlled prices lower than market values. The project aimed to fulfill the priority needs of housing demand in Parma, aiming to expand the supply for users uneligible for subsidized housing and yet unable to access the private real estate market.

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