Gallerie d’Italia in Naples

The historical Headquarters of the Bank of Naples transformed in an Art and Cultural Center


The building of Banco di Napoli, realized on a project by Marcello Piacentini in the ’30s, is part of the wide building block San Giacomo, essentially subdivided into two halves. The Eastern one hosts the Municipality of Naples and the San Giacomo Church, while the bank occupies the Western one. The building has a classical style and is covered by granite, marble and stones. The project is originated from the client’s need to expand the exhibition halls of the Gallerie d’Italia Museum and recover the precious spaces of the bank. The main interventions involved transforming the internal spaces, restored and converted into exhibition areas, and realizing a new connection element, completing a scenic route with the absolute masterpiece of the exhibited collection, the Martyrdom of Saint Ursula, by Caravaggio.

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