BLVD International

The project by BLDV International demonstrates how the design of a riverfront can become an occasion for speaking about the landscape as a construction of the relationship between nature and artefact. In fact, the architects Yun Du and Honglei Liu tell us that the park was designed to rebalance an area whose rapid development implied an unbalanced growth of the relationship between solid and void, between housing and services, between urban functions and open public spaces. Looking at the master plan, a red line indicates the suspended walkway: this linear element duplicates the riverfront but also separates from it, moving inland or out over the water, dropping down and rising up. There is always a sense of a direction that moves toward the city, yet the line is never about rapidly moving from one point to another, but instead about giving value to the experience of the landscape and the active participation in the construction of the space it crosses.

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