A Public Space between Artifice and Nature

PHYTOLAB / Reichen et Robert & associés

The former beer factory that once occupied the site was decommissioned more than 30 years ago. The site maintains numerous anthropic traces of its former use, that Phytolab has reinterpreted in an organic design. The result is a flexible public space, typologically approached as a space of connection. The steep face of the quarry front is emphasised in the western part of the park by the presence of a closed loop waterfall. This space marks the beginning of a winding system of plantings comprised of almost 200 different species, selected for their leaf cover, colours and flowering. The upper part of the garden is designed for strolling. Known as the “belvedere”, it was imagined as a means for linking different points of interest. It also establishes a path offering privileged views, in particular toward the Loire. Using the stairs visitors can reach the lower part of the garden, a space in which to appreciate the diversity of the characteristic habitat of the site and the original territory.

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