An Urban Linear Park on the Runways of the Old Airport


Xuhui Runway Park is an urban reactivation project that belongs to a series of actions being implemented to requalify the city of Shanghai. Situated in the city’s former post-industrial zone, along the Xuhui riverfront, the Park develops along the runways of the city’s old airport, becoming a green lung inside the highly dense urban fabric and offering an attractive and recreational space for the community. The entire project was imagined as a linear urban district comprised of a succession of vehicular streets, public transport lines, bicycle paths and pedestrian spaces. Transit lines are interspersed with rows of trees and numerous gardens, welcoming and preserving 82 vegetal and marine species in the river delta. Integrated with the city’s landscape programmes, these habitats help mitigate the urban heat island effect, promote an ecological policy and implement a series of sustainable initiatives.

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