Housing in Kiem, Luxembourg

An intervention between the city and the peri-urban countryside

amann-canovasmaruri + Adelino Magalhaes

The project is the result of an international ideas competition organised by the “Fonds Kirchberg” of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in line with a zoning plan already defined by the zoning regulations, which provides for residential development in the new districts of the city of Luxembourg. The competition is not only about architecture, but also about the definition of the public space between the buildings, as well as a neighbourhood park. The building complex consists of six buildings, three of which face the city and the other three are located inside the site. As far as the dwellings are concerned, a necessary typological diversity is sought, recognising the original conditions of the competition. Thus, the existence of duplex flats becomes the axis of the project, especially in the buildings located in the centre of the plot in relation to the gardens.

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