Housing Complex in Carrer de Xarch, Ibiza

Habitable voids to promote environmental sustainability and facilitate commonality

RIPOLLTIZON Estudio de arquitectura

The site is located on the border of the residential area of the Ibiza marina and an area of floodplains and crops. The urban context is diverse in architectural character and content, where buildings for leisure and tourism coexist in the form of blocks of flats and apartments for vacation use. The landscape is formed through the placement of these isolated volumes with no identifiable masterplan or response to the loca environmental factors, presenting therefore a collage of different characters. The architectural approach moves away from this visual chaos to present a building which responds to the climate and takes reference from the island’s distinct way of life. It takes cues from the Ibizan country dwellings to create a vernacular response made up of white walls, well placed openings with solar protection, external porches with a balance of shaded areas.

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