Installation for the Oerol Festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands

Plastique Fantastique

The island of Terschelling is one of five islands in the Dutch area of the Wadden Sea. The island is known for its unique landscape and for its particular fauna of migratory birds. Since 1982, during the month of June, the island hosts the Oerol Festival. The event draws some 100,000 people and over the course of 10 days the island is transformed by events that establish a synergy between the natural setting and performances of theatre, dance, music and the visual arts, becoming the cultural heart of the entire country.  In 2017, Kees Lesuis, the Festival’s artistic director, set the objective of offering a platform capable of creating relations between artists and the audience and stimulate imagination and fantasy. He commissioned a multidisciplinary group to produce the installation LOUD SHADOWS – LIQUID EVENTS.

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