El Molinete Archaeological Museum of the Roman Forum

Amann-Cánovas- Maruri

The project for the Museum of the Roman Forum, located in the El Molinete Archaeological Park in the historical center of Cartagena, fits in a series of interventions realized for the city by the Madrilenian architects. This includes a Health Center located on the Eastern border of the archaeological park and the covering of the thermal baths, for which the studio won the National Architecture Prize. The building is at the base of the Health Center and its project stands as an opportunity to reconfigure the relationships between the city and the archaeological park. The project of the museum is articulated through a spatial inversion, which lightens and releases the internal space as visitors go down along the architectural dimension toward the archaeological one. This progressive clearing of the internal volume of the building is associated with an inverse relationship, bound to the perception of the physical dimension of the findings exhibited in the various halls, in terms of size and mass. The

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